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A Relationship}
Saturday, 10 March 2012 | 23:11 | 0Comment

you plus me equal LOVE 
when i look side , i'll see a couple . when i look up , i'll see a couple kissing . when i look down , i'll see a couple hugging . when i look the left edge . Oh My Gosh ! i'll see a couple with a police . why ? are they did something wrong ? hmm . i don't want to think about it . 

many people said , 
hmm .. couple is very best . we feel like we have someone who really take care of us . 
but for me 
. . . 

they said what ? feel like have been love by someone and feel like there's care about us .  don't they think . we have our parents that love us more than everything . we also have a family that always support us in any circumstances whatsoever ! right ? furthermore , couple is actually just can make us 

Heartbreaking </3
when we meet for the first time , they will said that they love us more than everything even their own life . they will make us melt with their sweet words .. when we accept them .. they will try to make us feel lucky because can be together with them . but .. when they found a girl or boy that better pretty/handsome than us, they will throw us easily .. after that .. we will

. . . 
so , we determined to give them a revenge .. Oh no ! 
it's just a wrong way . 
see . a relationship just can make us become crazy . .
and .. 
In Al-Quran says . that ..

"Couple is Illegal"
 so, better u couple-II after u've married ! choooy ~ maybe, it's the best way . Couple ? hmm ,. i still don't to thhink about it !