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it comes through ma head again}
Sunday, 12 February 2012 | 08:46 | 0Comment

today, the feeling comes again . it never tired to make me sad and give up . i'm juz an ordinary girl like others that have variety of feelings such of sadness, happiness, frustration, touched and also blithesome . never mind . it is natural . i know, even there's a girl who act like she's strong and we never see her crying in front of us otherwise she try to make us happy when we're in a bad situation, she is also have a feeling like us . she juz a same girl like us . so, we have to take care of her feeling too! who knows, behind us she keep crying. from here, i'm trying to be more careful when talk with part of them. (sorry, out of topic)

it is only a conclusion . okay, actually, i'm really waiting for this day,, i can't sleep well cause juz keep thinking of this day and date. the date can make it be an amazing date~ . a day that i'm always waiting . after always defer the activities plan on this day cause of many resistance, finally, i found the best day. day, that can reduce the burden.. ouhh,, such a wonderful day ! 

i'm waiting, waiting, just waiting. i'm waiting!
yeahh.. the day come and meet me.. but, all the things that keep playing on my mind are a nonsense thing to happen today. it all shattered ! why, why they must break my heart. why they're always make me touched. can they try to understand my feelin' even only slightly. why, why, why and why? i hate to be like this! why always me keep take care of their mind. am i born to be like this . can't imagine how i'm feel now.. i think, i'm too small in front them . i'm juz well-known with ALIA YANG TAK BERPERASAAN ! like that ?! they think, when i juz sent 'a really sweet smile' after they told everything i hate, i can accept all their words?! i can't accept it but i try to accept it. who is me to talk back! i don't have a strength to look them speechless by my words. cause i realise that i have a very dangerous mouth. i don't want to lose them cause only by my words. 

maybe this is my fate. i know i am not too nice and i'm also not too bad. juz the simplest girl. even they only can see me as before, but i really want they to realise one of everything about me, that i'm like the others. i'm juz  girl that can't run from feeling 'TOUCHED' .. i've lost him and i don't wanna to lose you, friends~