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Friday, 20 January 2012 | 07:33 | 0Comment

friends, can u tell me? why i'm very really seriously feel lonely now. how can remove this feelin'? my day now such only a melancholy day that full of empties ! cheer me off please. i think, after i back from the hostel, i can heal the pain in my heart. but i'm wrong. my heart still like this. SAME ! or, maybe i'm always think that i am far from you now? 

seriously, the news from one of us, told that she is very happy now with her new life, new school and that's mean, she has a lot of new friends. u're happy with ur new life without me, friends? and, when u saw me, u look like not too happy as me who is really blithe and really grateful coz Allah still willing me to meet u again. ouhh, how can i said that i'm not grieving on that time. 

of yore, u're always told me that i'm ur bestfriend and really happy can be my friend. u're always story your feeling on me. ouu, i feel that ti'm really useful for u on that time. and i hope that the relationship that us build will remain forever. but now, it's look like, u have found my successor! u told me about ur new friend.. wow, u look so compatible with her. im juz hopping that u will be good wif her.. chaiyo-III~

now, i wonder, where is my faithful friends? where r u hiding guys? i wanna to share something wif u. but, i juz found frustration .yeah, thanks to you coz make me feel like this. now, i have feel the feeling abandoned . it's okay, it's a part of life, feel abandoned, lonely, no one love me. it's common in this world. i'm still new and doesn't know what will happen to me after this. maybe i'll experience with more heartbreaking matters. it's okay.. i'll try to move on and will not turn back. i will fight for my dreams to be the successful and useful person !.  after this, two of my friends will be more far away from me, puhpye Miss B and Miss A. i really lucky coz i can be friend with u.

There's Something I Wanna To Tell U Guys

Dear friends, for me u're everything. there's no one can compete with u. i really hope that u won't forget about me even there're many people come in your life. as always, i'm always here for you to story-mory. if i die young, happy always okay!