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dude, my heart stop beating}
Sunday, 22 January 2012 | 00:45 | 0Comment

i know, there's a lot of my topic about a handsome guy. Aliah, can you please stop talk about this? HAHA! why? can't i tell you about my feelin' ? juz get out of here if u dun't wanna to listen. it's up to u!

okay, let's begin the story. actually. i really-II realize that u all know about him right ? okay, so i dun't have to tell u about his name or maybe his age coz i know u have know him better than me. sorry to say, my heart starting vibrate after see him. HAHA ! seriously, he is very fortunate te be conferred a very good look face and surely can melt the gurls heart ! thanks to Allah. 

actually, i wonder. is a handsome guy will have a handsome heart to? there's a lot about man that i dun't know. hew-III . i am a poyos? yes i am! can a boy like him fallen in love with someone not too pretty like me? #soalan cepumas. HAHA! but, im think, i know the answer of it. 

surely, he will never look of me. often, handsome man who love someone ugly not because of  love at first sight but because of her attitude. it's difficult to fall in love wif someone ugly except if it is destined to co. 

past, someone said to me.
"if ur pretty that's mean u will get an ugly lover and otherwise"
is it true?

so, can i be with one of them?

juz a dreaming! yea-III i know. but, the girls who can owns their hearts are very lucky. me? haha! never got babe! 

I hope, they don't just have a good look but have a good hearts too n i know they are! Hope, i can find someone like you even it won't ! 

#Sorry for copy the first and second dude photo! Hew-III! The third is seriously mine!